Marketers are all heart on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine heart cookie cutterValentine’s Day is a big day in the marketer’s calendar. A day of love that gives us an opportunity to use hearts, kisses and pictures of roses, the 14th February comes and goes quickly, but planning for it can take some time.

Some companies use the occasion to promote things in a very tenuous way. Just mentioning the word Valentine seems to be an excuse to promote a product – I’m thinking of the pharmacy website I saw with a large image that read, “V is for Valentine. V is for Viagra.”

This is a good reminder, though, that seasonal occasions are an important part of the marketing mix.

Valentine offers press release opportunities

A quick search of press release website Sourcewire reveals an array of Valentine-related press releases. For example:

  • ‘Lingerie tops list of most popular gifts for Valentine’s 2013′, according to My Voucher Codes
  • Celebrity chef Martin Blunos has created a Buckfast aphrodisiac recipe for Valentine’s Day.
  • put together a list of ‘just the two of us’ romantic road trips.

My personal favourite tenuous Valentine press release is this one.

  • Make more time for love and less time for food preparation on Valentine’s Day with OXO’s new 3-in-1 avocado slicer.

Customer emails get in on the romantic action

Coming up with a Valentine-themed offer for your customers is a good idea. Straight-forward product offers such as Virgin Wines (below) are interesting, but not much more than opportunistic.

Virgin Wine Valentine offer

A London Theatre newsletter sent out an email offering special meal deal offers and suggesting that a romantic night out could involve dinner and a show.

Valentine theatre offer

Domino’s Pizza also played with product association. For those who can’t get to the West End for a meal and a show, you can do the at-home equivalent, ordering a pizza and choosing a meal. Although some would say Magic Mike isn’t a romantic couple’s film but each to us own, as they say.

Valentine Dominos offer

Heart-shaped products are the ideal hook for Valentine offers

Heart egg mouldAny retailers selling anything shaped like a heart or suggestive of romance have a ready-made Valentine offer to play with. Gift retailer Just Mustard promoted its cute egg moulds (pictured) along with other gifts.

Chocolatiers and florists obviously are full of products that relate to Valentine, but many retailers can get in on the action. Do you sell soft furnishing? How about a feature about cushions with a picture of a cushion that has hearts on it? Do you sell cars? Why not put out a his and hers press release featuring a couple of cars in pink and blue?

A little imagination around the special day can help you tie your product or service into the event to make it topical. This same thinking can be applied to other days throughout the year – Easter, Halloween, World Book Day, Bonfire Night, St Patrick’s Day, St George’s Day and, of course, Christmas.

If you don’t have any product or service that has even a tangential relationship with the special day, justy remember there is always a way. If Chelsea Football Club is able to come up with a Valentine offer, you can too.

Valentine tour of Stamford Bridge

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